Wednesday, April 19, 2006

At The Substation Guiness Theatre, 18th-20th May, 8pm!

Tickets can be purchased at any SingPost counter or S.A.M kiosks islandwide.
For credit card phone bookings, dial: 6-222-5596 for the Gatecrash ticketing hotline
$21 (Adult)
$16 (Concession)
(*Prices include $1 handling fee)
Line up for Mentah III: Barisan Puteri Puteri

How did the cat got so fat? by Zizi Azah

Performed by Siti Khalijah Zainal

3 women on a jetty by Faralina Ali

Performed by Gloria Tan, Awal'liyah Ja'afar & Siti Zuraidah Abdul Rahim

the story of sita as told by she by Fezhah Maznan

Performed by Muhammad Najib Soiman, Elnie S. Mashari, Nur Suhaili Safari Wijaya & Molizah Mohd Mohter

Friday, March 03, 2006

the story of sita as told by she
by Fezhah Maznan

Sita Announced Retirement.
Sita, the ideal wife and daughter announced her resignation from her role yesterday. She was quoted saying that she wants to focus on her personal ambitions and family commitments. Her resignation is folowed by rumors that her marriage is on the rocks. Sources informed us that Rama is tired from looking after their twin sons and doing the household chores as Sita travels the world promoting herself as the ideal wife and daughter. Fans were shocked and have been flooding her official website with emails to persuade her to reconsider her resignation. Her company will be releasing a limited edition coffee table book of her images entitled 'Sita, the Ideal Wife and Daughter'.

'Sita, the Ideal Wife and Daughter' is available in stores today for only $29.95.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

How did the cat get so fat?
by Zizi Azah Abdul Majid

A fable/parable told through the eyes of Fatimah, a nine year old with a single parent family. Fatimah travels on a kiddie ride, a lion she has named Mr. Minismen and meets people who are representative sections of Singapore society. Eg. The maid, the prosperous wife, the religious man, the taxi driver, the tireless yuppie.

How did the cat get so fat? seeks to examine how the national pledge applies to and manifests itself in various strata of Singapore society, seen through the eyes of a young girl.

A single performer piece aided by the use of colour, lights and toys.
3 Women on a Jetty
by Faralina Ali

What happens when a woman meets the magical 30?

Three women, all approaching the big number, comtemplates a threesome, a love triangle and learning a third language.

But what if it is all about a triple-fold decline in sex, about having triplets and having to fuss over them, and about trying to combat that damn third line that has appeared under an eye?

‘3 Women on a Jetty’ is an intertwining trilogy in which the trinity ponders on the trigonometrical effects of their loveless lives, their sexual fantasies and their greatest ambitions while coming to terms with womanhood.

Like the title suggests, there is just the jetty with the 3 women on it. Minimalist in style, the play would take on a non-linear approach as the trio steps into reality, the unreal world and everything else in between.

The play attempts to capture some of the fears and excitement of entering the third decade in life. What does it really mean to arrive at such a point? Is the infamous thirty really just a number like the positive ones deem it to be? What does it mean for the educated unmarried Malay woman? What does it mean for the ‘perhaps less typical now’ Malay woman who got married at 18? And what does it mean for the fat Malay woman who can’t find someone to love and be loved in return?

In the play, the trio also unabashedly speaks of their sexual lives and fantasies. This is an attempt to break that norm where sex is often not talked about openly in Malay theatre, especially when it concerns women.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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Monday, February 06, 2006

The party not only expects results. We provide 14 days off for all members to take time and enjoy themselves. Go forth comrades!

Towards progress! Long live the developers!